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Deb Rowland

After being diagnosed in June 2012 with Severe Navicular and told to put Holly Berry on “palliative care”, Holly and I were guided to Amanda Kroeker of ARK Nutrition. Amanda’s incredible knowledge of nutrition and understanding of what makes a horse “tick”, in my opinion, restored Holly’s life. Her ability to put together a program specifically for the needs of your horse is an amazing thing to watch. I was told never to ride, let alone compete on Holly again as she would be dead in a year. There is no doubt in my mind that Amanda’s attention to detail, incredible knowledge, keen eye and pure love of her profession saved Holly and gave her back her life! Have a look at the picture below! Calgary Stampede 2013. She is RIPPED! Giddy up Holly Berry! Whatever you build in a horse, it must start from the base – Amanda gives that and more! From the bottom of my heart Amanda – Thank you