Advancing knowledge is a key component in our nutrition practice and we believe the success of our business is delivering education to an audience that will utilize that knowledge within their community whether that be on farm, or with their horse or for an Agribusiness in the community.

Each year ARK Nutrition allocates time for a certain number of seminars and workshops. We offer a wide range in topics within equine and cattle nutrition. Each presentation is specifically designed to the audience we are delivering the presentation to. The duration of seminar and/or workshop can vary from 30 minutes to an all-day format. When a client requests an all-day workshop, we divide the day into two components theory and practical. The theory and practical components engages the workshop participants to ask questions about the information they have learned in the theory section and apply that knowledge in the practical section. Our nutrition practice strives towards advancing nutrition with science-based results for our customers achieving their goals and hopefully sharing those advances in nutritional technology and scientific research with the audiences at our presentations.

Our Clients