Our Story

Company Foundation

ARK Nutrition was established in 2005 by Amanda Kroeker and Kim Friesen. Our nutrition practice specializes in Equine and Dairy Nutrition. It is our goal to provide the nutritional basis that results in the superior health and performance of your animals. Our nutrition formulations are customized to meet the specific needs of your animals in a safe and sustainable way.

At ARK Nutrition, we go beyond how rations look on paper and develop formulations based on how your animals are responding. By working as a team with your Veterinarian and all the professionals that provide services to your farm, we can ensure the best possible outcome for your animals.

In 2007, ARK Nutrition launched its first feed product in the equine and dairy industries. Our commitment to research has furthered the development of new products. We frequently review our products to ensure we are maintaining a high standard of quality, selecting superior ingredients for efficiency and maximum performance in the animal. We are determined to partner with companies that share our philosophy in research and want to pursue the same standard of excellence.

In 2014, ARK Nutrition started working with local hay growers to source quality hay for our customers. As a small business, it is important to us to support the local agricultural community and we are proud to work with our local hay growers to supply excellent hay to our customers.

In June 2017, ARK Nutrition diversified the company and formed a division in Agriculture Mechanics. Our business launched a new business called White Star Mechanical, which will be operated by our co-owner of ARK Nutrition Kim Friesen and licensed Journeyman Agricultural Equipment Technician. Our integration of technical services offers a new perspective for our customers. At ARK Nutrition we look forward to all the new opportunities for the future.

Nutritionist and Co-Owner

Amanda is a Professional Animal Nutritionist specializing in Equine and Dairy Cattle, registered with the Alberta Institute of Agrologists. She attended the University of Guelph and the University of Saskatchewan where she was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA) and Master of Science (MSc) from the Department of Animal and Poultry Science. Her area of specialization is in Equine and Cattle Nutrition, Nutritional Biochemistry, and Rumen and Hindgut Microbiology.

Since 2001, Amanda has worked as an Equine and Cattle Nutritionist, where she has had the opportunity to work with clients and companies throughout Canada, United States, Europe and China. Throughout her career, she has worked on research projects, gained valuable experience with complex nutrition cases, worked alongside Veterinarians troubleshooting on farm, and built a network of knowledge that continues to grow while sharing this asset of information with her customers.


Business Manager and Co-Owner

Kim Friesen is a licensed Red Seal Journeyman Agricultural Equipment Technician. He earned his degree from Olds College and worked for John Deere since 2007 prior to starting his own mobile mechanical business, White Star Mechanical in 2017.

Before his career as an Agricultural Equipment Technician, he farmed with his family in central Alberta and Saskatchewan. He gained valuable experience on his family’s dairy and beef operation and was responsible for planning and harvesting the crops for their grain business. When his family decided to retire and sell the farm, Kim enrolled in college and started his career as an Agricultural Equipment Technician.

Nowadays, you will find Kim as the co-owner of ARK Nutrition with his wife Amanda, managing the day to day operations of ARK Nutrition and being on call for White Star Mechanical.