Kathy Rezansoff

Based on a very positive recommendation from a fellow cattle penner, I contacted Amanda Kroeker from ARK Nutrition. It was a real pleasure to get to know Amanda and I was very impressed with her knowledge of horse nutrition/health and her professionalism. Her initial evaluation of my 3 mares was thorough and insightful. She recognized the signs of past trauma with great accuracy, along with whether my girls were recovering on their own or not. During her initial evaluation, Amanda was able to categorize their current level of nutrition and was able to build a unique ration for each of my mares based on their current level of health, body condition and expected competition requirements and schedule. The ration included, among other ingredients, a combination of vitamins and minerals specially developed by Amanda (ARK Nutrition) called Synergy. Over the next year, my mares have stayed strong and healthy and have excelled in their individual disciplines. Amanda assessed my horses again as winter was fast approaching. Our goal was to build a winter ration that would maintain as much of their physical conditioning as possible, along with meeting their nutritional needs through the winter months. The result being they come out of winter in the best condition they can to start their training for the new year. One of my mares will take exception to this description but I would not describe her as a competition horse. She spent her summer taking my teenage daughter anywhere and everywhere she wanted to go. This horse was a ‘hunter/jumper, trail, gymkhana, vaulting and even basking in the sunshine, eating long grass, while my owner lounges around on my back or hangs on my neck, and just maybe sliding down my backside when she felt like it’ kind of horse. These activities took a lot of stamina and strength to endure the many hours she spent a day making her rider happy. So, you don’t need to own a performance horse to see the benefits of what Amanda has to offer. Throughout the year, I contacted Amanda many times to ask her for her opinion on various topics. These topics ranged from my horses’ nutrition and exercise to her opinion on published articles and ‘my friend said’ type conversations. I felt she was always available for me to pass something by, and when I had concerns about my horses, she made time to pop by between her various other client appointments to look at my horses to make sure we were still on the right track. It has been a pleasure working with Amanda and my horses couldn’t be in better hands.