Jaime Thomas

Amanda first met my horse after he had suffered an allergic reaction after being on a pasture with a high amount of clover growing in it. I had recently purchased the horse at the end of a winter season and didn’t know what was happening to cause him to go downhill in condition shortly after the spring grasses and other pasture growth started. At the time I called Amanda out, my horse had lost overall condition, did not look well and was not behaving well; he had serious photosensitivity issues, and as a result also had a very bad case of scratches on all whites on his legs. I was not sure how to get him back into balance on my own, but new that he needed a properly balanced diet with the right supplements to bring him back to health. Amanda spent an afternoon thoroughly getting to know my horse and what his diet had been for the past months. She formulated a nutrition and supplement plan to help him heal. She also provided me with helpful tips and product information to use in the event of emergencies such as colic or other health concerns. I was thrilled to see him come back to health and look and feel even better than he did at the time I bought him. Thank you, Amanda, for all of your help and for caring! I would highly recommend Amanda’s services to anyone who needs the nutrition advice a vet may not be able to offer.