Desco Holsteins, Pine Lake AB

We at Desco Holsteins were in a situation with poor breeding, fresh cows not peaking, and overall poorer health. The vet visits were frequent & milk production was not great. ARK Nutrition was invited in to troubleshoot our herd. Within 1 month our herd’s butter fat had started to climb, and cud chewing & rumen fill had improved. The analysis that the herd went through the first week was thorough, and we had frequent visits in the first few weeks to ensure the herd was improving. The team at ARK nutrition was very thorough & showed great compassion in their work. After looking at the milking string, ARK wanted to look at the complete dairy animals from newborn, heifer rearing and dry cow programs. Making some significant changes in my feeding operation, the calves look great, with the size to breed early. The dry cows are coming into the barn cleaning and ready for milk production. Not to mention a side benefit of SCC down lower than I’ve ever had. ARK continues to observe our whole herd twice a month, picking out animals that may need attention, and providing a detailed herd report on the milk cows once a month. For the dollars invested in ARK, the return has been amazing for both the bottom line & peace of mind knowing your cows are healthier. It is hard to find someone in our industry that not only does a great job, but cares. Thanks, ARK