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Deb Laderoute and her team at the World Equestrian Games (2010)

I wanted to express how satisfied I am with the nutritional assessment and subsequent ration balancing that you provided my high-performance FEI combined driving horses. The science behind your evaluation helps to explain the choices you recommend and therefore makes it easier to understand the formula for feeding. It is imperative to adjust rations for quality of hay, environmental conditions and level of campaigning, your program makes this manageable for the average horse owner to the more advanced competitor. My horses have been on your program for 5 years, using your Synergy minerals and following the ration balancing which gave me immediate and long-standing results. The competition recovery times were considerably shortened, the energy levels were constant, and they were always happy to work, even under the most grueling conditions and heat. The horses were kept more sound with little to no health issues, including any colic, during very demanding campaigning for qualifying and subsequent participation in the World Equestrian Games. I am confident that the sound feeding principles that were applied throughout and continue to be utilized, continue to have a profound effect on the health and welfare of my special equine friends.