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Claudine Pflug

When my senior horse, Promise, began to lose weight on her regular rations, I tried feeding her more, attempting to arrange free access to pasture and hay, having her teeth done.  A vet check came back clean.  This old girl did not (and still doesn’t!) have an “I give up” look in her eye or attitude despite her ribby appearance.  So, I did not give up either.  We increased the concentrates and added oil and beet pulp even moving her to a new barn with little success.  Finally, another horsey person told me to talk to Amanda Kroeker.  In December 2014, I arranged for a consultation.  Within weeks of implementing the new regime, there was a noticeable difference in Promise. Her coat and manure showed improvement.  Once the winter coat was shed and blankets were no longer required, a fellow boarder asked the barn manager “where Promise was” as she thought Promise would not make it through the winter, given her condition going into it.  The barn manager pointed to a glistening bay mare and said, “she’s right there”.  The fellow boarder was very surprised.  The promise came out of winter in such different condition she was unrecognizable!  The following winter, Amanda gave additional advice as Promise’s condition had deteriorated during the autumn (her teeth are very warn).  Once again, Promise has come out the other side in great condition.  Thank you, Amanda, for your expertise and caring.