Dairy Calf Starter


Dairy Calf Starter

Dairy Calf Starter is a complete ration for dairy calves with a proprietary blend of 5% fat and 20% protein. This product targets lean muscle mass development, optimizes fit not fat calves and targets ideal mammary development. This starter ensures that calves build a rumen with thick papillae along the rumen wall to utilize feed with maximum efficiency. 


Common Feeding Rate and Cost to Feed:

Average Feeding Rate =  1-2 kilograms per day

Cost to Feed = $1.14 per kilogram as fed with average daily intake price of $1.71 per day



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  • Proprietary blend of essential Amino Acids and Fatty Acids required for muscle development
  • Stabilizes and maintains muscle mass
  • Optimizes mammary development
  • Intestinal and Metabolic Health
  • Joint, Tendon, and Ligament Support

$28.75for 25 kg Bag

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