ARK GastroEz

The "Keys to the Engine"

ARK GastroEz

ARK GastroEz is a gut modifier for growing horses, pregnant and lactating mares, and working horses.  The ingredients in GastroEz are supported by over a 100 years of science and research conducted by Lallemand.  Customers can be assured that there are no fillers, no additives, no added sugar, no salt or anything to enhance the effects of this product. 


Common Feeding Rate and Cost to Feed:

Average Feeding Rate = 30 grams per day

Cost to Feed = $21 per kilogram as fed with average daily intake price of $0.63 per day



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  • Stabilizes hindgut pH for optimum microbial fermentation
  • Increased Fiber and Non-Fiber Digestion
  • Improved feed efficiency and lean muscle mass
  • Toxin binder
  • Improved immunity



$84.00for 4 kg bag

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